Badu offers a mentorship of a mixed group of innovative, aspirational young adults, ages 16-18, willing to grow, learn and to seize every opportunity that arise to broaden, advance and to develop our understanding of the world in which we live in.

The mentoring programme gives young people a safe space to discuss topics, lead their own projects and be exposed to professional industries. The main aim of Badu mentoring is to up-skill young people and give them a platform to excel in flourish, supported and guided by our staff.

Zoom Webinar: How far has sport allowed you to develop as a woman?

Seven of our female representatives had the opportunity to speak with some of the U.K’s top leading women in sports (Michelle Moore, Ruqsana Begum and Benny Bonsu) on the topic of female development as a result of sports. Here the girl’s and the panellists discussed an array of topics stemming from, racism to sexism, all the way through to mental health and how each and everyone of these aspects shaped and strengthen them as women. This was the girl’s first webinar, and we were happy to say that the event was sold out and we had people from the mayor’s office, the council and other individuals within the sports industry to listen to the girl’s speak. This is the first of many webinars as both mentoring groups wish to continue to make notice and increase awareness of these discussions, to represent the young voices of London.

Zoom Webinar: It’s 2020, why is race still an issue?

This was our first joint panel with both the boys and girls mentoring group. Our webinar featured 8 of our amazing young people where they discussed society’s biggest issue of racism in today’s world. The group raised an array of contributing factors to contemporary racism stemming from the flaws of our academic systems all the way through to a historical ideology of the slavery mindset. Every individual shared their own personal experiences of being mistreated within society as a result of their ethnicity and developed solution-thinking responses to tackle and to hopefully minimise the ongoing problems of racism in today’s world.

Bridging the gap

Our bridging the gap scheme ran over 5 weeks in the summer, supporting young people at GCSE and A-Level, fill the gaps in their learning as a result of lockdown and the shutting of schools back in March. Secondary provision saw 10 student volunteers offer their time to support younger years going through the process.

Applications are now closed.

up-skill young people and give them a platform to excel in flourish, supported and guided by our staff.