Our P.E curriculum fits within the guidance of the DFE National Curriculum.  We ensure that it has enough challenging aspects to enable children to reach their full potential and teach them both competitive and non-competitive sport. We are passionate about Physical Education for all children and recognise the importance of increasing passion and love of sport in children of all ages. We also have a special programme for girls that are struggling to engage in sport for a variety of reasons and support them in realising the opportunities in sport for their health, well- being, emotional stability, confidence, motivation and zest for life.

In line with the curriculum, we offer a broad and balanced programme of study that challenges children to meet and exceed expectations. We have tailor- made our own yearly overview, medium term plans and weekly lesson plans to ensure that they service your school community and meet the range of needs and abilities: ensuring academic, social and emotional development this is backed up with a termly assessment on your children.

Fundamentally, we use a high quality sports curriculum as a vehicle to mentor children and teach them the pros and cons of life.  Badu is more than just sports.  Badu is about preparing children to work, live and function in society and be the best that they can be. Badu is also about encouraging children to stick with it when times get hard and to have fun.

We offer various ways in which our staff can either support and train your staff through CPD or deliver our PE curriculum through Active Lunch Cover and PPA.  To find out more about how we can raise the profile and quality of sports provision in your school contact us.