Combating obesity and motor skills programmes are run in each school to ensure all pupil targets are met. This can be run in small groups, individuals or during p.e class sessions.

Below highlight the key objectives for each programme.

Combating Obesity

We have created and run specialist programmes within schools to support them in combating obesity within their school community in a positive and supportive environment. The research evidence showed some great changes in children’s understanding of healthy lifestyles and the impact it has on them. We are happy to share the outcomes with any school and tailor- make the project to encourage a healthy programme that supports all children and families in healthy lifestyles.

Motor Skills Programme

Working with small groups or one-to-one basis our coaches focus on strengthening the core strength of key children identified by the school. Motor skills groups can help with handwriting, core strength, concentration, self- control, fine and gross motor control and behaviour.