We believe that it is essential that teachers must have the understanding and confidence to deliver high-quality PE to meet the main aims of the PE Curriculum.To ensure it is taught at a high- standard our team of PE specialists will work with staff to raise levels of pupil enjoyment, participation and progress.

Many schools choose to use this service as part of their Sports Premium spend and receive an impact report at the end of the session to identify progress of staff. Bespoke training programme over a number of weeks for effective strategies to improve your provision.

Delivered Training

We deliver training in improving teacher confidence in delivering PE. This training is arranged with the school and teacher which is delivered on the teachers experience on teaching sports. This can be broken down into simple games and technical skill based sessions. We help the teachers with support and lesson plans, which can be used in the future.

We provide effective assessment plans on how to asses the children during Physical Education. This can be broken down to a suitable planners the school feel most comfortable performing. A brief planner which shows adequate improvement or not or a more in depth report on each child’s progression.

Supporting schools to tackle obesity in their school is another key area we work with making sure all pupils maintain a suitable level of physical activity and making sure there aware of maintaining a healthy diet.

Here at Badu Sports we work with all schools on how to utilise there resources for sessions provided for PE and lunchtime cover. This could be down to the minimal amount of equipment provided for each school.

We provide each school with support on how to get OFSTED ready for the PE provision in their school. Making sure all areas are covered in terms of sessions, behaviour and reports for each each child’s progression.

Engaging girls in sport is a key area we look into as schools report a lot of girls fall out of PE and sports at a secondary school age. We aim to maintain suitable sessions for all girls to keep them interested in maintaining physical activity at all age groups.