Parent Sessions

Badu provide classes for adults every Saturday morning to help build up our parents, carers, families and friends general fitness, wellbeing and also to meet new local people from their community.

We believe looking after your well-being has shown that physical activity improves your mood and increases the production of brain chemicals that make you feel happy. These are delivered in classes below:


Boxercise – If you’re looking to become the next heavyweight champion. Then this isn’t the class for you, but if your wanting to meet new people and build up your fitness in a safe and friendly environment? Then this is definitely the class for you. During these sessions we will have gloves and mitts where we will be looking at combinations, routines and small circuits.

Dance – During our dance sessions we are incorporating dance and fitness together listening to various dance genres like Soca, Garage, Afro Beats and much more. These classes are suitable for whatever age or background and are there to provide an area for you to come and enjoy yourself while letting your hair down.

Yoga – Our Yoga sessions are provided by a qualified yoga coach who wants to give back to the community and provide a stress-free zone where our parents or carers can come. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

For more information please email our community lead: