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Weekly pupil interaction

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Community programmes

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Employment oppurtunities


Mentoring Group attend university

BADU Community CIC has supported the local community, empowering both families and young people through high quality sport and mentoring since 2017.

1. We work with the young people in our community 

BADU Community provides young people in the local area with activities and opportunities to bring about positive outcomes. 

Positive mental health practices and support underpins all of the work we do. 

Provide holiday activities throughout the year, including the most vulnerable. 

Ensure free of charge activities to the most vulnerable young people. 

Enabling young people to develop their aspirations and employability through personal and leadership development opportunities. 

2. We support the families of our community 

Promoting positive physical and mental well-being to support healthy physical and mental fitness. 

Provide trauma training to the community. 

Support our most vulnerable families through times of difficulty, responding quickly to meet their needs. 

Supporting the development of nurturing home environments which sustain positive child development practices through parent mentoring and peer support. 

Providing much needed support in the local community e.g. Christmas hampers. 

BADU Community extended day provision has allowed us to engage with 669 young people,40 parents and families, 36 contact hours of engagement with young people and 18 contact hours of engagement with parents and families so far this year. 

3. We are changing the narrative about the community 

Work with key areas/ postcodes identified as having the highest rates of antisocial behaviour and violent crime. 

Providing positive options for young people most at risk of being groomed into gangs; and those at risk of/ engaged with the criminal justice system. 

We aim to work together to build a better community.