At Badu Sports we provide top quality PE specialists that mentor, develop and extend the learning of children and young people that we work with. This can take place during PPA, CPD and teaching sessions or through the range of in class support services we offer. In-class support gives teachers practical advice and support to develop their physical education skills and knowledge.

We expose children to positive role models, who engage, motivate and educate them. All specialists follow the Badu vision and are always promoting responsibility, motivation and respect for others. It is also important that we teach children to always respect themselves.

It is important to Badu Sports that the company’s deliverance of sports and the bespoke lessons that we have created are delivered by people who truly care about the self-esteem, mental health and confidence of every child they encounter.

We offer support to schools on how we can support your aims and the focused use of the annual sports premium to benefit every child.

Badu Sports/Community also have access to multiple youth sports clubs, including our own football club; which will help children access sport and maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of school hours.

We both share high expectations for every child and look forward to on becoming part of your school team and working together to improve outcomes for every child.

Our vision enables us to develop strategies that truly understand each young person we work with; helping us to identify their unique skills and talents through teaching and assessment.

Outside of or combined with mentoring, we also work with schools in areas providing CPD’s, PPA cover, behaviour management guidance, active lunch cover, obesity and motor skills, support during OFSTED, after school clubs and sports day planning.