Badu Community pride ourselves in the acquisition of a unique and professional mentoring program. This program is an intrinsic part of our desire to create behaviour change, and break the current behavioural patterns seen in our young people and community. We believe that mentoring can ultimately be used as a vehicle to drive community development through a holistic approach (i.e. tackling physical, emotional and mental issues); thus, our young people, their families and their environment are set as integral parts of this approach.  

Aiming to provide a direct route from our early engagement practice (with children between 11-14), our mentoring program targets young people aged 15-19 who are actively thinking about their future/future careers. These young people may not have the resources or first-hand support to effectively convert these crucial thoughts into action because of their disadvantaged background. Our ethos centres around developing and preparing our young people for the future. At Badu we recognise how penetrating and over-powering thoughts of stagnancy and aloneness can be to the mind of our young people. As such, we push our young people to believe that a future is not just an abstract concept, but a very possible reality for them. We place emphasis on improving the long-term development of individuals’ outlook despite a lack of opportunity, attention, diversity and inclusion in their community.


Our aims and outcomes for our young people are: 

  • Developing emotional intelligence such as: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills
  • Building confidence
  • Informing and educating on potential career pathways
  • Team work in professional and nonprofessional environment
  • Personal development
  • Critical thinking
  • Public speaking
  • Project development and financial management 
  • Empower and equip our young people with essential life skills


The notably unique aspect of our mentoring programme derives from the belief that young people hold expert knowledge about their lives. For this reason, young people are embedded into the design, planning, delivery and evaluation of the program.  Our Badu mentors somewhat act as a means of exploration for our young people – this makes the content we provide appear to be two-fold. Initially we use a hand-held approach to help them set personal and (more importantly) attainable goals to support them in acquiring necessary life skills. Ultimately, this enables young people to positively see their own level for independence, experience and ability for themselves. We help our young people to see the tools that they already have in their armour while simultaneously developing the ones that they do not.