At Badu Sports we provide top quality PE specialists, who mentor and develop the children and young people we work with, while simultaneously extending their learning on matters both within and beyond the classroom walls. At Badu sports, we inject ourselves within PPA, CPD and teaching sessions, as well as the range of in class support services we offer. Inserting our coaches within the academic setting of the schools, we give teachers practical advice and support which allows them to develop their physical education skills and knowledge. Our support in schools help to develop physical literacy, and its impacts, in both young people and adults.

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What our clients say

“Our students and staff are extremely happy with the way our sports day was organised by Badu Sports. Their staff were professional, supportive and friendly. We hope to build a long term relationship with Badu sports to ensure our students benefit from high quality sporting provision.”

Foezul Ali
Headteacher, Darul Hadis Latifiah

“Our academy opened in September 2009, and our P.E department have worked in collaboration with Badu Sports since we opened. Badu provide high-quality coaching and teaching to our students, including extra-curricular clubs after school and during holidays. Their staff are hard-working, reliable and consistent, rigorously following our behaviour and uniform policies as our own staff do.

The students thoroughly enjoy working with and being taught by the coaches. Communication between Badu Sports and the academy is excellent, and the service is ver good value for money. I can recommend Badu Sports without reservation.”

Mark Emmerson
Principal City Academy

“I think Badu are amazing! They have transformed the life of my pupils and parents love them.  The staff are so committed and professional. When Ofsted visited they were truly impressed by the impact on pupils SMSC, fitness levels and academic progress that the work of Badu Sports has had. Highly recommended.”

Sarah Smythe
Bishop Johns Primary

"I'd like to say a big Thank you, Bo loved her time at Summer camp. She had so much fun; learnt so much; made new friends; became so much more independent and absolutely loved her coaches!"

Melissa Lau

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with such an efficient, enthusiastic and professional team. I was really impressed with how quickly and sincerely the coaches engaged with the disability related course material and even more so with their ability to adapt the contents to meet the different needs of the environments they work in. The coaches' dedication to wanting to get the best for each child they work with, regardless of differences in need and ability, was clear from their genuine engagement in the debates around inclusion."

Leo Scwartz
Playdagogy Coordinator

Badu Sports has worked with our school for nine years in the capacity of sports coaches, mentors and role models.  The children have always respected their coaches as they have commanded respect.  Badu Sports have supported our school in many ways beyond that of a coach.  They are integral to the smooth running of our school and are well- respected for their commitment to the children and the school community.  They have developed strong links with parents and the wider community and are often sought out to support children in their development.  They offer a bespoke service with sports coaching, training for staff, mentoring of children, reading groups, in- class support and any other support the school asks them to give.  We will continue to work with them as during what can feel like unstable times in the community they have been a constant support.

St Mathias School
I'd like to offer you my heartfelt thanks for the support that you and your team gave to Morningside last week. You were instrumental in us getting the judgement we did for personal development behaviour and safety and your skills were highlighted in the inspector's feedback.
Could you please pass on my thanks to your team and I will offer it personally if they are at sports day this week.
Janet Taylor
Headteacher, Morningside School