Mentoring and its impact are one of our most important services that we provide at Badu Sports and is what underpins us as a company.

We’re passionate about using sports to help mentor our pupils and enable them to make positive choices in their lives. Our coaches motivate and challenge all pupils including those who are under-achieving. They offer targeted support to help pupils overcome barriers to learning that may be caused by social, emotional and behavioural issues.


We work with children who experience poor literacy and numeracy skills, lack of self- confidence and self-esteem. Failure to achieve their full potential, Behavioural or emotional difficulties, Personal difficulties, for example due to bullying or difficulties at home and working with children in groups or on a one-to-one basis in and outside of the class.


Various of our young leaders are ex-students we have taught over the years or young people who have joined from friends’ recommendations about the work Badu Sports do. The young leaders have joined the Badu team wanting to give back to their communities by doing paid and unpaid work giving the young people the same experience they received from Badu team. This includes some of the great programmes the young leaders have arranged like tournaments, clubs and social events. This helps to give them an opportunity to gain experience working within a professional environment and also gives us the chance to mentor them while working with us. This has been hugely successful for them and us as not only giving them a job but also gaining vital life skills and not falling as a statistic due to unemployment or violence.