Our Aims

Badu Sports are an education and community development organisation that primarily uses sports and physical activity to achieve its aims.

We focus on mentoring young people in order that they have positive guidance to set and make achievable goals. We provide a high standard in physical education and mentoring to develop a healthier body and mind.

We have high expectations of all staff to ensure that children develop and progress to the best of their abilities, resulting in high expectations of themselves. We aim to support and facilitate children to broaden their experiences, advance their opportunities, develop their skills and knowledge and understand their choices, aspirations and expectations.

Supporting schools, parents and pupils

We support schools, parents and pupils by providing CPD for teaching support for school staff, offering reliable and dedicated PPA cover to ensure schools meet the government guidelines of a minimum of 2 hours good quality PE each week, Offering lunchtime cover and supervisor training in how to engage children during lunchtimes and mentoring young people through sport which allows them to broaden their horizons on opportunities in life.

What sets us apart

Badu Sports have been in operation for over ten years, we adapt the curriculum to the needs of schools keeping within the government basic guidelines. We have nurtured positive relationships with the school communities including children and their families. This ensures that we know the children we are working with and know the strategies that work best for them.

As a company we have developed our teaching; working closely with headteachers, school staff and children to ensure that the curriculum we offer has all the criteria they deem necessary for the school and its context. We also ensure that we are meeting all of the criteria stipulated in the school behaviour policy to ensure we are sharing the same messages as school staff.